DIAMOND CERTIFICATION: THE COMPLETE GUIDE. Purchasing a precious stone is similar to purchasing a vehicle—slightly more heartfelt. It’s insufficient to just look at it and throw in the towel; you need to give it a shot and be certain the entirety of the comparing affirmations and administrative work are accessible to back up your buy. For some, couples looking for the ideal gemstone, one term will come up a ton: jewel affirmation.

What Is Diamond Certification?

Precious stone accreditation is a framework made by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to assess the nature of a jewel dependent on the 4Cs—carat, shading, lucidity, and cut. Precious stone confirmation is likewise alluded to as jewel reviewing and it is enthusiastically suggested that couples just purchase affirmed precious stones.

Not exclusively does precious stone accreditation decide the nature of a pearl, however, it “at that point imparts the jewel’s characteristics such that assists customers with understanding what they are purchasing,” clarifies GIA-authorize gem specialist Nellie Barnett.


Nellie Barnett is a GIA-authorize adornment expert and precious stone alumni. She’s additionally the chief of media and advertising at the Gemological Institute of America.

Peruse on for our total guide on jewel confirmation—from how to peruse a precious stone testament to picking the best sort of accreditation—to guarantee you’re making the most educated, thought-out speculation conceivable.

Benefits of Buying a Certified Diamond

One of the top benefits of purchasing a confirmed jewel is the point of reference. “We’ve been doing this for quite a long time, and have evaluated a huge number of precious stones,” Barnett clarifies. “The GIA Diamond Grading Report is the head certification of a precious stone’s genuineness and quality, particularly when purchasing wedding bands.”

This framework was developed during the 1940s and ’50s to make a predictable philosophy for portraying precious stones and their quality. “This basic language and the broadly acknowledged GIA guidelines, strategies, and best practices to level jewels add a vital customer assurance component to the manner in which precious stones are purchased and sold,” she proceeds. “GIA reports give individuals trust in their buys in light of the fact that they have an autonomous and fair-minded assessment of the jewel’s quality.”

Understanding the 4Cs: The Ultimate Diamond Guide

Cost of Certification

The cost of a GIA evaluating report fluctuates relying upon the sort of stone, its carat weight, and the assistance mentioned. “For D-Z jewels, the fundamental evaluating administration is about $30 for a quarter-carat precious stone to about $85 for a one-carat stone, with the charge expanding dependent on weight and the help,” Barnett says. GIA records its full expense plan on the web.

The most effective method to Read a Diamond Certificate

There are a couple of things to look out for on a precious stone’s GIA endorsement:

  1. The date the precious stone was evaluated
  2. The GIA report number
  3. Shape and cutting style (for example round splendid)
  4. Measurements

After those subtleties, the declaration will list the evaluating results for the carat weight, shading grade, clearness evaluation, and cut evaluation. Extra reviewing data incorporates clean, balance, and fluorescence. The declaration additionally offers a profile perspective on the jewel with precise extents just as clearness qualities. Visit GIA’s site to see an illustration of a precious stone reviewing the report.

Kinds of Diamond Grading Systems

While the GIA evaluating framework is among the most notable and trusted, there are likewise a small bunch of different affirmations to look out for, including AGS, IGI, EGL, GSI, and HRD.

Since certain parts of jewel reviewing are emotional (like tone and clearness), it’s ideal to look at stones that have all been assessed by a similar substance. For instance, the GIA doesn’t review precious stones with a similar methodology as EGL.

American Gem Society (AGS)

Established in 1934, the American Gem Society was made by a gathering of diamond setters with an end goal to “shield the gems purchasing public from extortion and bogus publicizing.” They assess cut, shading, lucidity, and carat on a 0-10 scale—the most noteworthy evaluation are zero and the least grade is 10. AGS is presently joined by 3,000 individuals including gem specialists, retailers, and providers, and is viewed as a dependable hotspot for jewel affirmation.

Worldwide Gemological Institute (IGI)

The International Gemological Institute has been around since 1975 and has 18 research center areas all throughout the planet. IGI assesses free precious stones just as completed gem pieces and was the first gemological establishment to completely review lab-developed jewels, beginning in 2005.

European Gemological Laboratories (EGL)

Reports from European Gemological Laboratories commonly incorporate carat weight, clearness grade, shading grade, cut (shape and style), finish, fluorescence, plotting, and extents. They are likewise regularly thought to be looser with their evaluating guidelines.

Gemological Science International (GSI)

Gemological Science International was established in 2005 and grades both regular and lab-developed precious stones. Their research centers utilize cutting edge innovation and instruments to catch a jewel’s light presentation and reports incorporate data in regards to shape, weight tone, lucidity, fluorescence, clean, balance, estimations, cut evaluation, and plotting outline.

Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD)

Hoge Raad voor Diamant issues authentications for jewels and gemstones fundamentally in Europe and is situated in Antwerp, Belgium—a geological area that is inseparable from precious stones. The organization utilizes what they allude to as a “twofold coding framework” and gives reports to common, lab-developed, and treated jewels.

Regularly Asked Questions

What is the best jewel affirmation?

When all is said in done, precious stones that have been evaluated by GIA or AGS are viewed as the top-level choices, particularly on the grounds that they are charitable jewel reviewing research facilities. We exhort buying precious stones guaranteed by the GIA or AGS.

What’s the main part of reviewing precious stones?

Consistency and severity! You need the lab that is assessing jewels to treat the entirety of the gemstones they see precisely the same way. Severity likewise guarantees you’re getting what you paid for.

Do I truly require a precious stone testament?

Indeed! It is highly unlikely to understand what you’re purchasing without a certified, confided in element to assess your precious stone. Try not to purchase a jewel except if it has a testament.

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