PERFECT PLACE. I was in the kitchen as usual when I heard my husband, Greg, shout out my name as he arrived home from work. I responded,  “Yeh, in here. I’m ready.”

“Huh? Ready for what?” As he rounded the doorframe from the hallway, Greg found me standing at the stove wearing nothing on but my thin nightie, even though it was only late afternoon. It exposed my unshaved bush so vividly that his cock began to bulge under his pants—just the reaction I had hoped for.

I left everything I was doing to loosen his pants and slid them down as I dropped to the linoleum. I teased him a bit by lifting my nightie, dipping my finger into my wet vagina, and licking my own juice. When his precum began to drip, I gripped his cock and sexily stuck my tongue, coating it with the salty taste I craved. Then, I opened my mouth wide and took his cock in. With every suck, I extracted a load of precum.

Greg was so hot for me that it didn’t take more than three minutes for him to shoot a huge load. He went wild with it, drenching my mouth, face, and hair in sperm; I loved it.

I ran to the bathroom, grabbed a hand towel, and wiped my face before I dried off his penis. We kissed hello, and he left the room as I finished tidying up. I heard him shout from the living room that he had booked us at a restaurant. He said to dress quickly, but not too much! So I hurriedly slipped on his favorite mini skirt with a see-through blouse, straightened my hair, and off we went.

As we neared the restaurant, I offhandedly remarked, “I’m naked at the bottom.”

Greg just laughed; he knew that was my usual m.o.

The hostess seated us opposite each other. After we ordered and while we waited for our food, I felt something stimulating my vagina. I realized Greg was up to mischief. Time and again he would duck under the table, kiss my pussy, and slide his tongue in to get a better taste.

The food finally arrived, and we enjoyed the meal before heading back to the car. But when we got there, Greg opened the back door and motioned for me to climb in. He joined me, and in a few seconds, had my shirt around my waist. Greg’s cock had grown so hard he couldn’t wait. He plunged it deep inside my pussy and fucked urgently, making me scream.

Suddenly, my body shook from a massive orgasm. At the same time, his sperm drenched my pussy and the inside of my leg. Then he sat up and brought my mouth to his lap to empty him of his last dribble.“Without my taste, you’d be lost,” he explained.

“Thank you, darling, for a wonderful evening,” I said, and without any clean-up, we drove home, the sweet smell of sex perfuming the car.

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